Our top pics of hardwood flooring cleaners for your wood floors.

Hardwood floors might look delicate and difficult to take care of, however it is a misconception. A well-maintained floor can practically stand up to the abuse animals, children, accidental spills and dirt can bring as long as you use the proper hardwood floor cleaner. And while wood floors are truly quite easy to look after, it is very important to use products that both clean and safeguard the finish, so it continues to withstand the wear and tear of your daily use.

Unlike rugs and carpet, hardwood floors, do not normally require daily cleansing beyond a basic dry sweep. Periodically, a much deeper cleaning is called for. The very best cleaners for hardwood doesn’t just keep things sparkling, they extend the life of your floors. However you can’t just keep mopping from the kitchen, bathroom, or other tiled rooms to do the job. Most of the regular floor cleaners for other surfaces contain active ingredients like ammonia or abrasives that can harm your hardwood.

The best wood cleaners won’t require unique devices or even spending a ton of money. An excellent hardwood floor cleaner and your preferred mop (and sometimes bucket) is usually all you require. Hardwood flooring manufacturers such as Efloors Signature, Armstrong, Bruce, Shaw, Kahrs, LW Mountain, Mannington, and Mohawk all have their own recommended cleaning and floor care products so make sure you check with the manufacturer’s suggestions and compare it with the list of hardwood floor cleaner products below.

Just one quick note that the majority of hardwood floor cleaners are not appropriate for unfinished floors or flooring sealed with wax. If your hardwood floors are newer or recently refurbished , they are most likely sealed with polyurethane. Most people already know if they have waxed floors, however if you reside in an older house and aren’t sure, there are tests that you can do to find out. Just Google it!.

Whichever method you pick or your needs, there’s a hardwood floor cleaner that will give you the shimmering results of your dreams.

Now here’s some of our top hardwood floor cleaner picks for this year.

1. Bona Swedish Hardwood Cleaner Spray

Bona Swedish Hardwood Cleaner Spray

Flooring professionals agree, when searching for the best hardwood floor cleaner, they choose to use Bona ® Wood Floor Cleaner. The residue-free, quick drying solution cleans up hardwood flooring by gently and efficiently eliminating gunk, dirt and dust to expose the flooring’s natural shine and appeal. Water-based options and GREENGUARD GOLD certification ensure a safe,oil free floor for your family and pets.

And when you combine it with the Bona Hardwood Cleaning Kit you have the complete package for keeping your hardwood floors in tip top shape.

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2. Bruce Fresh Finish

Bruce Fresh Finish

Fresh Finish from Bruce is a regular gloss, urethane surface hardwood floor cleaner that enhances the shine and safeguards your hardwood floor from scuffs and scratches. It is easy to apply, with a shine that endures and restores older hardwood flooring and is a terrific option rather than doing a complete refinishing job. For use only on semi-gloss to high-gloss no-wax, urethane finished wood flooring.

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3. Polycare Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Polycare Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate

The super concentrate formula Polycare Wood and laminate flooring cleaner is recommended by floor covering professionals as a safe cleaner for all polyurethane completed wood surface areas such as kitchen area cabinets, hand rails stairs moldings and furniture. The super concentrate formula is perfect for all refillable spray mops.

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4. Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner (1QT)

Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bring back the quality, radiance and shine of your floor covering with Bruce (Armstrong) Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Cleaner is one of our most recommended hardwood floor cleaning products. Half-gallon refill for Bruce Wood & Laminate Spray is also available.

This cleaner is for routine cleaning of all no-wax wood and laminate floors.

A unique cleaner that raises soil from the surface area of the urethane surface without leaving a movie.

* Ready-to-Use formula

* Great for area and routine cleaning

* No rinsing and no dulling film

* Developed by the hardwood floor covering experts (Armstrong)


Sweep or vacuum no-wax wood or laminate flooring. For Regular cleansing, spray the cleaner onto the floor and wipe with a microfiber mop. Enjoy your shiny hardwood floors!

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5. Shaw R2X Hard Surface Cleaner

Shaw R2X Hard Surface Cleaner

Shaw is the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet. So when they introduced their R2X Hard Surface Cleaner for both hard surfaces and carpet, it was a game changer for the flooring industry. R2X Hard Surface Cleaner leaves your ceramic, laminate, prefinished hardwood, and vinyl floor covering sparkling clean. The power of Shaws R2X is also now available for residential use for both carpet and hard surface floor covering.

Shaw recommends Shaw R2X ® Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner be used with a terry cloth mop. Make sure you vacuum the floors prior to using R2X. Do not permit excess cleaner to remain on the flooring’s surface as this may permanently harm the wood fibers.

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6. Mannington Ultra Clean

Mannington Ultra Clean

Keep up on your laminate or wood flooring maintenance with the ultra-impressive Mannington Ultra Clean. This is a very popular flooring cleaner that can be used on Mannington no-wax hardwood, laminate, Mannington Adura and porcelain floorings. It includes a non-toxic, water-based formula that won’t leave any dullness or sticky residue. This is the best laminate flooring cleaner for routine upkeep, spot cleaning and targeting persistent and difficult spots. The practical 32 ounce spray bottle is ready to use and no dilution is needed.

Mannington Ultra Clean is perfect for all wood and laminate floors. Mannington Ultra Clean is a non-toxic water based formula that does not leave any residue. Mannington  recommends that Mannington Ultra Clean be used with a microfiber mop in order to keep your hardwood floors looking like brand new..

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7. Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Make your hardwood and laminate floors sparkle like new with Armstrong Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. Featuring an enjoyable Citrus Fusion fragrance, Armstrong wood cleaner refreshes your flooring in 3 easy steps: sweep, spray, mop. This pre-mixed and ready-to-use Armstrong laminate flooring cleaner is perfect for commercial and residential no-wax, urethane-coated wood and laminate floors. It is particularly suggested for use in hardwood/laminate cleansing systems for Armstrong, Bruce, Shaw, Kahrs, LW Mountain, Mannington, and Mohawk hardwood floors.

This Armstrong cleaner spray is best for routine cleaning, spot cleaning and the elimination of grease, lipstick, crayons, ink spots, chewing gum, candle light wax and rubber heel scuff marks. Not for use on wax-finished floors. Do not let the cleaner puddle on flooring.

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